Let Bostock—until recently a graphics editor at The New York Times—show you how he uses the web’s native languages to turn raw numbers into shapes, colors, graphs, charts, and maps.

This crowd of amazing science journalists got together to write stories and they ended up generating a beautiful website 13 Mar 2018 - There's a lot of junk on the internet, but the world wide web is still a wonderful of technology informs and changes human culture — and how culture and such as an article on the elusive neutrino or human-levitating tractor beams, one of the best science reporting outlets on the internet, mixing top-tier .

From “How to Write a Science Feature” to imploring the National Institutes of Health to fund research on orphan diseases, they publish essay after essay, all lovely, about the culture of science itself.

The 12 best science websites for news, research, and features

Come for the thoughtful analysis of new research; stay for the humor. (Party trick: Add “because epigenetics” to the end of your fortune cookie reading.

Neil deGrasse Tyson covers GMOs, the science of sex, and tons of other topics with guests you definitely want to hear from.

Tara Smith | Twitter The tale of how new diseases emerge and old ones come back could very well be the last science story anyone ever reads—and these four writers cover its finest details and scariest moments. They don’t work together—McKenna blogs at National Geographic, and Smith is a professional epidemiologist.

Branswell works at the Canadian Press, and Garrett (below) is at the Council on Foreign Relations.

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Culture——-Diego Pati oFrank Ocean | Tumblr Take a spin inside the headspace of the reclusive R&B artist on his Tumblr, which features everything from early samples off his album Boys Don’t Cry to video of a NASA rocket launch 22 Sep 2017 - The 12 Best Science Websites for News, Research, and Features explore scientific research through the lens of the people, culture, politics, .

Paul Feig | Twitter #Whoyougonnacall for on-set photos of the Ecto-1, explanations of what’s inside ghost-fighting proton packs, and stills from the next generation of Ghostbusters? Director Paul Feig’s Twitter, that’s who.

Olivia Wilde | Twitter The actress’s bio may read “world champion parallel parker,” but with tweets that shed light on issues and poke fun at the film industry (and herself), she’s much more than just a backseat driver. Offworld | Website Spearheaded by veteran game journalists Leigh Alexander and Laura Hudson (a WIRED contributor), Boing Boing’s big-tent games site covers diverse titles and developers too often ignored by other sites.

The Mary Sue | Website The Mary Sue dishes news and analysis of comics and movies from a feminist perspective—the site is named after a type of improbably flawless character prevalent in fan fiction—but it’s made for everyone. The Canon | Podcast There’s no shortage of podcasts where you can listen to people argue about movies—but there’s only one you need.


The Pitch | Blog Yeah, you’ve been reading about new music on Pitchfork for years—but which songs are its critics playing on repeat? This staff blog is the closest thing to hanging out at the office, and you don’t need to worry about how skinny your jeans are Most Cited. Articles most recently published online for this journal. Successful Paranoia: Friedrich Kittler, Lacanian Psychoanalysis, and the History of Science..

Lithub Daily | Newsletter Equal parts Vice and The Paris Review, LitHub Daily delivers daily digests of the weird and literary—in the voice of your college roommate who double-majored in philosophy and bong studies.

Tim Schafer | Twitter This is what happens when a hilarious OG game developer (Grim Fandango) and founder of Double Fine Games (Broken Age) finds Twitter. Games and goofy sarcasm (and Periscoping Double Fine bowling night) in equal measure.

Yours Truly | Blog Intimate profiles and video portraits of musicians on their home turf—from WET’s isolated, snow-covered backwoods to Toro y Moi’s screen-printing studio. )Getty ImagesAcid Rap and this summer’s Surf (with the Social Experiment), the Chicago emcee has plenty of loosies on deck.

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Girl on Guy | Podcast Aisha Tyler is one of the busiest women in show business (her gigs include hosting on The Talk and Whose Line Is It Anyway?, writing books, voicing Lana on Archer, and touring as a standup comic), but she might be at her best when she sits down with guests for long-form interviews.

Despite the name, there are lots of female guests as well—Amber Tamblyn and Kristen Schaal are featured in standout episodes First published in 1869, Nature is the world's leading multidisciplinary science journal. Nature publishes the Davide Castelvecchi. Article | 05 September 2018 .

Captain Marvel, Pretty Deadly, and Bitch Planet, gives you a warm introduction to Carol Danvers, #carolcorps, and the new world of comics. The feed’s official name is Digital Baubles, but it should probably be Priceless Gems.

(Bonus: plenty of reblogs of her husband, Matt Fraction, and recommendations on comics you might have missed. )Amazon Movie Reviews | Twitter Terrible movie reviews from people who can’t be bothered to get anything right.

Lefsetz Letter | Blog For almost 30 years, Bob Lefsetz’s broadsides have served as music-biz gospel This site uses cookies to improve your experience and deliver personalised advertising. You can opt out at any time or find out more by reading our cookie policy .

They’ve also earned him as many enemies as devotees—a sure sign you should be reading them.

Saga | Comics Despite being dwarfed by the ever-expanding empire that is the comic-book movie industry, the humble comic book is having a good decade. That’s thanks in large part to Image, a publisher of creator-owned books and home to some of today’s best titles.

And the best of them all might be this bizarre, touching adventure of a literally star-crossed (and totally hot) couple racing through space with their baby daughter, trying to keep their respective species from destroying the galaxy. Fiona Staples’ artwork is a dream (you can also find her in the newly rebooted Archie), and Brian K.

Vaughn’s writing is as hilarious and heartfelt as it was in his long-running Y: The Last Man.

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Now he’s the Silicon Valley bureau chief at Fusion, a TV station/online news and pop culture outlet 14 Apr 2015 - According to those within the industry, buying papers is a necessary them, the act of purchasing papers online is no different than plagiarism..

But he’s also the author of a newsletter called Real Future.

Think of each edition as a brief introduction to five things you’re going to see in the years to come. It may not be the future of money, but it’s the future of a lot of other things—including the stock market—thanks to a public ledger called the blockchain. Few human beings understand the mobile revolution as completely as Evans, who’s part of VC firm Andreessen Horowitz’s big-idea blog factory. At the very least, check out his “Mobile Is Eating the World” post. This series will make you want to start a company … or it will make you absolutely not want to start a company. The latest season follows two women launching an online-dating service.

Tony Avelar/Bloomberg/Getty ImagesAs a Morgan Stanley analyst, Mary Meeker issued her first report on the Internet in 1995, when it had just 35 million users. This year’s edition, “condensed” into a 196-slide PowerPoint deck, declared the number of Internet users to be 2.

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She criticizes maker culture’s myopic view of labor; she connects the dots between the 1989 cole Polytechnique shooting and today’s dearth of women in science and engineering Examines topics that span societies, nations and cultures, providing strategies for the systematic testing Articles most recently published online for this journal..

Materials science professor Deb Chachra is always a shrewd voice from outside the Silicon Valley echo chamber.