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A Nature Research JournalGayathri VaidyanathanMatthew WarrenLingfei WuFlora GrahamS. LicciardelloCinque SotoLingfei WuThe ancestral tribosphenic therian chewing stroke is conserved in Monodelphis domestica, and couples tooth-row eversion and inversion in jaw opening and closing, respectively, with a rotational grinding stroke.

BhullarLinxiao ZhuTakahiro MasudaJinhee BaekLaerte L.

TallAndrew HolmesYannick De WildeDalmeet Singh ChawlaPolarstern hope to observe underwater ecosystem changing in real-time.

Quirin SchiermeierAlison AbbottGayathri VaidyanathanDavide CastelvecchiLauren Morello