Faculty Research Awards Providing unrestricted gifts as support for research at institutions around the world. The program is focused on funding world-class technical research in Computer Science, Engineering, and related fields.

At Google, we are committed to developing new technologies to help our users find and use information. While we do significant in-house research and engineering, we also maintain strong ties with academic institutions worldwide pursuing innovative research in core areas relevant to our products and services. As part of that vision, the Google Faculty Research Awards Program aims to recognize and support world-class, permanent faculty pursuing cutting-edge research in areas of mutual interest.

Our goal is to identify and strengthen long-term collaborative relationships with faculty working on problems that will impact how future generations use technology. Google Faculty Research Awards are structured as seed funding to support one graduate student for one year and are awarded as an unrestricted gift. The award is highly competitive - only 15% of applicants receive funding - and each proposal goes through a rigorous Google-wide review process.

How to apply for a Faculty Research Award Step 1: Read advice on how to write a good proposal and learn more about our Faculty Research Awards in our FAQ. Step 2: Ask a Google employee to champion your proposal.

A Google champion or sponsor is not required to submit a proposal, but it helps ensure that your proposal is relevant and of interest to Google Study of the Abstracts of 6 relevant references revealed 4 papers as being novel in its approach, is the epoxy-filled sleeve repair technique. In order for a composite material supplier to correctly specify a proposed repair option, the..

The Google champion or sponsor should be:a willing participant familiar with your work. It’s the primary principal investigator’s responsibility to find a champion/sponsor.

These relationships are typically made on the ground at academic conferences and workshops Care & Repair England, a national charitable organisation set up in 1986 to of researchers and stakeholders to work together on research proposals and .

Step 3: Write your proposal using the advice mentioned in step 1. If you have a Google champion or sponsor, ask them to provide feedback. Supporting cutting-edge research Recipients are selected through an internal review process and notified of their awards within 5 months of the initial submission. Faculty members can apply to cover expenses for the amount needed to support one graduate student for one year.

We ask applicants to categorize their proposals into one of the following broad Computer Science research areas of interest to Google:Algorithms and optimizationMachine learning and data miningMachine perception